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CNC turning / milling
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CNC turning and milling technology

With a machine park consisting of 40 CNC lathes and milling machines, linear and rotary transfer machines, we are able to solve almost any problem in machining efficiently. We produce in batches of a single part up to the annual quantities of several million pieces, according to the requirements of the workpiece. We are able to work with all marketable materials which also includes the turning of hard parts, treatment of plastics and special alloys with difficult machining properties.

We can also carry out subsequent works such as surface grinding, circular grinding, vibratory grinding, and blasting.

Other finishes such as heat treatments and surface we can offer through reliable and longterm external partners .


  • Bar treatment up to Ø 65
  • Chucking work up to Ø 250
  • Economical lathe turning with two spindles of piece numbers from 5000 on up to Ø 24
  • Milling work up to 1200x300x400 mm and Milling work on pallet changers

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